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Re-envisioned clinical research training

Re-envisioned clinical research training

Task Academy illustrations

Task Academy illustrations

What can you expect from our courses?

  • Interactive, in-depth and independently quality-assured content

  • Internationally accredited and assured

  • Designed by industry for industry

  • Simple, fun and easy to navigate.

  • Diverse mix of learning methods to keep you engaged.

  • Competency-based learning, to ensure you are industry-ready

Quality-assured and accredited training

No fixed enrolment dates. Work online – on your own schedule, at your own pace – anywhere, anytime.

Accrediting Bodies

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have 5 years’ experience as an Investigator in clinical research. Are TASK Academy’s courses for me?2023-06-13T11:49:30+00:00

Yes, we have received positive reviews from people who have worked in the industry for over 20 years. As you start to work in the clinical research field, you usually get once-off GCP training, which is refreshed every three years. However, you typically work in a silo, and hardly ever get the opportunity to understand clinical trials from the perspectives of other role-players. Our courses go beyond compliance training by contextualising content within the full life cycle of a clinical study. 

Do the courses cover Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP)?2023-06-13T11:49:55+00:00

Yes. Our Foundations & Beyond, and GCP refresher courses cover both ICH GCP and SA GCP.

Do the courses also cover SA GCP?2023-06-13T11:50:19+00:00

Yes. Our Foundations & Beyond as well as GCP refresher courses cover both ICH GCP and SA GCP.

I’m new to the industry, which course should I start with?2023-06-13T11:50:44+00:00

Our Foundations & Beyond course is the perfect starting point for you. Not only will you learn everything you need to be ICH GCP and SA GCP compliant, but you’ll learn how a trial is developed, set up, conducted, and closed and everything in between.

Can I take the GCP refresher course?2023-06-13T14:06:58+00:00

If you have had GCP training within the last 3 years, then you are eligible to enrol on our Refresher course. Please note we will need a digital copy of your most recent compliance certificate. If your certificate has expired for 3 months or longer, you are required to retake full GCP training.

I am looking to develop my career and get into clinical research but don’t know how to go about it. How do I move into the field and how can TASK Academy help me to achieve my goal of ultimately becoming a CRA?2023-06-13T11:51:37+00:00

It is quite difficult to enter this industry. To start with, as a minimum, you need a certificate in Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Our Foundations & Beyond course is GCP compliance on steroids, and after completing it, you will receive compliance certificates for both ICH GCP and SA GCP. The course is intense, but immersive, and will take you through the whole life cycle of a clinical trial. The course is internationally accredited, and will be the foundation of your career pathway to become a CRA.

Is Online Good Clinical Practice training accepted by SAHPRA and Ethics Committees?2023-06-13T11:51:59+00:00

Yes. Our comprehensive online courses are accepted by regulatory authorities in South Africa, and are accredited by HPCSA. They are independently quality assured by IAOCR (UK), accredited by ACCRE, and meet TransCelerate’s criteria for good clinical practice training.

I have no background in clinical trials. Can I do the courses?2023-06-13T11:52:24+00:00

Yes you can. ANYONE interested to start a career in clinical research, no matter what role you aspire to – sponsor, CRA, CTA, nurse, manager, coordinator, pharmacist, investigator, data capturer, data manager, regulatory authority, ethics board member, quality assurer, lab staff – our courses are for you.

I am a graduate and have no experience; does this course increase my chances of getting into clinical research?2023-06-13T11:52:47+00:00

Our courses are created by people who have worked in the industry for over 15 years. We cannot guarantee that you will get a job after taking our courses. However, what we can promise is that the depth of knowledge you’ve gained will set you apart from other candidates, as you can showcase your understanding of GCP, as well as the clinical trial language, life cycle, and role players. 

Do the courses have specific start dates?2023-06-13T11:53:09+00:00

TASK Academy’s courses run asynchronously, so you can start anytime.

How long do I have to complete a course?2023-06-13T11:53:33+00:00

While we advise students to complete the course within a few weeks of enrolling, you are able to work at your own pace and take as long as you need.

What do I need to access a course?2023-06-13T11:53:57+00:00

Any device that can connect to the internet – Android or iPhone; tablet, laptop, or computer. You will need medium to high-speed internet access, as there are videos and interactions.

Are there any prerequisites for the courses?2023-06-13T11:54:22+00:00

You must be able to read and understand standard business English. You do not have to have any experience in clinical research. You do not have to have a Good Clinical Practice certificate.

Is this just box-ticking compliance training?2023-06-13T11:54:47+00:00

No. TASK Academy courses are NOT your typical “death by Powerpoint” compliance training. While our courses encompass all the ICH GCP and SA GCP principles required to work in clinical research, they offer so much more! They are engaging and interactive, and contextualise lessons within the full life cycle of a mock Phase III trial. You will see the bigger picture, and learn how a trial is developed, set up, conducted, and closed and everything in between.


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