The clinical research industry is facing a major challenge concerning staffing. The shortage of qualified professionals has led to a gap in the market, hindering the progress of clinical trials and drug development. TASK Research Academy was launched to invest in training and development, to ensure that the industry has a skilled workforce capable of conducting safe and effective research.

To address this issue, TASK Research Academy has introduced a new and innovative way of training – immersive learning based on real-life scenarios and storytelling. This approach is designed to provide a complete and holistic understanding of the different phases, stages, roles, and responsibilities involved in the clinical trial process.

Immersive Learning Can Have A Profound Impact On Learners

Research has shown that immersive learning can have a profound impact on learners. According to a study by KPMG, 90% of participants felt that immersive learning was more engaging compared to traditional classroom-based training. It is also estimated that immersive learning can increase retention rates by up to 50%.

TASK Research Academy Provides High-Quality Training

TASK Research Academy’s “Foundations and Beyond – the clinical research journey” online course is designed to provide comprehensive and high-quality clinical research training for beginners and healthcare professionals alike. It covers all aspects of clinical trials from start to finish, providing a real-life, simulation experience that allows learners to understand the complexities of the industry and develop the skills needed to succeed.

With the increasing demand for clinical research staffing and the need for skilled professionals, TASK Research Academy is at the forefront of providing high-quality training for individuals looking to join the clinical research industry. Task Research Academy aims to provide a platform for individuals to succeed and thrive in this exciting and in-demand field.

In conclusion, TASK Research Academy is leading the way in revolutionising clinical research training through the use of immersive learning based on real-life scenarios and storytelling. With a comprehensive and high-quality course that is designed to meet the needs of the clinical research industry, Task Research Academy provides individuals with the opportunity to build a successful career in clinical research.