• Your entry ticket to a professional career in clinical research. Kickstart your journey in clinical trials with our immersive internationally accredited foundation course, which covers Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (ICH GCP and SA GCP), as well as the clinical trial life cycle. The course has been designed by industry experts to ensure you learn exactly what you need to start and / or further your career in clinical trials. The Foundations and Beyond course is more than just compliance training as it takes you on a journey through the full life cycle of a mock Phase III trial. For more information you can click here to download our course brochure. Enrol now and take the first steps on your career journey
  • If you work in the clinical research industry, it’s crucial that you stay up to date with the latest regulations and guidelines and be compliant. If you need to renew your GCP compliance training, then our immersive and engaging online refresher course is perfect for you. The course covers both ICH GCP and SA GCP guidelines, can be completed in 4 hours, and fulfils the criteria of the TransCelerate mutual recognition program. Enrol now and take the first steps on your career journey
  • The pharmaceutical and clinical research industries tend to work in silos, and staff in support roles are typically only involved in a specific section of the clinical trial life cycle. It's time to break these silos and help staff in support roles see the bigger picture, so that they understand where they fit in the clinical research puzzle, the value of their roles, and how they contribute to participant safety, data integrity, and the overall success of a trial. Having a good overview and broad understanding of the clinical research journey will improve the communication between silos, as well as the confidence, performance, and adaptability of staff in support roles across the clinical trial industry. This course was specifically designed by industry experts, and can be completed in 3 hours. This course does not confer GCP-compliance.


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