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Webinar 1: Diversity & Democratising Clinical Research

Join and listen! In this electrifying webinar, the dream team takes centre stage to unravel the essential theme of diversity and the democratisation of clinical research. Get ready for a deep dive into the roots of underrepresentation, not only in the participant recruitment pool but also in the workforce, the ripple effect on clinical research, breaking barriers to training and opportunities, and the game-changing role of standardisation in broadening the field’s horizons to a global audience.

Webinar 2: Breaking into Clinical Research

Dive into the Industry Insight Extravaganza! Listen to a powerhouse panel as they tackle the burning issues: bridging the supply-demand gap, decoding the diverse roles within the industry, unlocking competence and purpose-fit skills, unveiling the qualifications essential for entry, demolishing barriers to access, and dishing out invaluable advice and tips for a grand entrance into the industry. It’s not just a webinar; it’s your backstage pass to success!

Webinar 3: De-risking Clinical Trials

Embark on a Global Odyssey with the Titans of Clinical Research! We’ve summoned the trailblazers of the field, jet-setters who’ve crisscrossed the globe, absorbing wisdom from every corner of clinical research. In this webinar, you will listen to a diverse assembly of experts, each a luminary with roots stretching from America to South Africa, Sweden to Mauritius, The Netherlands, and beyond. They’re not just speakers; they’re seasoned tour guides  through the intricate landscape of clinical trials.

Unlock insights as they spill the secrets on planning epic trials, the nitty-gritty of systems, processes, and cutting-edge tools that power trials, and the art of cherry-picking third-party vendors—all with one mission in mind: to SLASH RISKS in clinical trials. 


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